Paid summer internships or summer programs are not necessarily easy to come by. Paid summer internships abroad are generally for a shorter period of time and more in demand — are even harder to find. Still, we’d like to help.
I am uploading the list of 10 paid internships in summer. Mostly of them are paying for everything. Selection criteria of each internship program is different from others.  There are a lot of other summer programs which you can find on your own rather than through provider.

Paid Summer Internships:

1. Goldman Sachs — Intern Abroad as a Summer Analyst

Goldman sachs logo
Link to Internship:
Goldman Sachs

2. KONE — All-Expenses Paid Internship Abroad

Kone logoLink to internship:

3. Deloitte — International Business Internship Abroad

link to internship: Deloitte
Deloitte logo

4. L’Oreal — Intern in HR in Malaysia

Link to internship: L’Oreal

5. IAESTE — Paid Technical Internships Worldwide

Link to internship: IAESTE

6. U.S. Embassy in Paris or London — Intern in International Relations

Link to internship:  U.S. Department of State and Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowship
US Embassy Logo

7. German State Parliament — Internships in Government & Policy

Link to internship:  German State Parliament and  Cultural Vistas Summer Internship Program in Germany
Germany map

8. The World Bank — International Internships

Link to Internship: World Bank
The world bank logo

9. KPMG — Internships Abroad in Finance

Link to internship: KPMG,

10. H&M — Internships Abroad in Business / Engineering

Link to internship:  a summer internship with H&M
H&M logo
There are a lot of other big organisations which offer paid summer internships. You just need to  research on some of the big international organizations in your field, and chances are you’ll find that many of them have an international internship or trainee opportunities.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Good luck!
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