Do you love to travel? Are you insatiably curious? Do you take loads of photos and videos and post your stories on social media? Then it may be you! Apply for this amazing Road Trip Project Competition 2018.
The Road Trip Project Competition is a European travel experience that will take 8 individuals on 4 routes across the continent between Spring and Summer 2018.
Four duos will embark on a European road trip in a minibus. Along the way, they will meet locals and experience the local vibe, discover projects that change people’s lives for the better, and explore unknown places and amazing landscapes.
These four journeys span the continent, from the Baltics to the westernmost point of Europe, the length of the Danube, around the Mediterranean and alongside the Atlantic.
The Road Trip travellers will share what they learn. They will film and post their stories to other millennials across the continent and beyond.
At the end of each journey, their unique experience will be featured in a road movie, and reflected in an online travel guide on Europe’s off the beaten paths.

Host Department:
  • The Road Trip Project Competition is an initiative of the EU’s Regional and Urban Policy department of the European Commission.
Trip Location:

The Road Trip Project covers about 12.000 km over 4 main routes across Europe.

Trip Duration:
  • One Month
Financial Support:
  • While you won’t get paid for taking part, you won’t have to bear any costs either! All costs for travel, communication equipment, accommodation, and meals are covered by the Road Trip Project.
Trip Benefits:
  • The participants will successively embark in duos on one of the 4 routes for an approx. 1-month journey (Baltic, Danube, Mediterranean or Atlantic). The last journey should be completed by the end of August 2018.
  • Each duo will be accompanied by a professional crew composed of a person responsible for logistics and security and a cameraman. Exact travel dates and itineraries will be arranged and communicated to the participants in due time.
  • A follow-up to the Road Trip Project is envisaged through an event to be held in Brussels in October 2018 where all 8 winners will be invited to share their stories in an exchange with a live audience.
Eligibility Criteria:

Participation is open to EU citizen or resident between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty (30) years, inclusive. To prevent any conflict of interest and allow for the widest participations, applications introduced by someone belonging to one of the two categories mentioned hereunder will not be encouraged:

  • Employees and interns of the European Commission, their immediate families (spouse, siblings and children) and household members;
  • Individuals providing professional services to the European Commission under a contract signed with an external contractor.
  • In the event that the operation, security, or administration of the Project is impaired in any way, the Organiser may, at its sole discretion, either: (a) suspend the operation to address the impairment and then resume it; or (b) suspend the operation entirely. The Organiser reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who tampers with the operation of the Project, violates these rules, or acts in a disruptive or dishonest manner. The Organiser’s failure to enforce any term of these rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.
  • Any application that is found to be made on the basis of false information will be deemed invalid.
  • All audio-visual and other material submitted to the Project may be posted to the Project’s website and social media and therefore must be appropriate for publication. Inclusion of offensive content will invalidate the applicant’s eligibility.
  • By submitting an application to the Project the applicant warrants that the information, any audio-visual material or any other copyright-protectable material contained in it, including images, visuals, illustrations and infographic materials, is free of third party copyrights and can be reused for any communication purposes by the Organiser. Upon request from the Organiser the applicant will provide to the Organiser the original audio-visual files used in their application. The applicant guarantees that he is the author and rights holder of all submitted materials and that he grants to the Organiser non-exclusive, worldwide and unlimited-in-time rights to use the submitted material for any communication or promotional purposes, in any form of reproduction, accessibility or communication to the public, especially in a way that allows the material to be accessed by the public at the time and place they choose.
  • Should any natural persons be photographed, filmed, or have their voice recorded in a recognisable manner in the submitted material, the applicant will ensure that the participants (or, in the case of minors, by the persons exercising parental authority over them) give their written permission for the described use of their image, voice or other private element.
  • The above-mentioned rules related to copyright protection and the use of the personal elements apply to any content submitted by the winning participants in the course of their travels.
How to Apply:

Do you see yourself on the road with us?
To apply to be a Road Trip Project traveler, record a 60-second video and tell us about yourself, your motivation to join the project, and why you’re one of the best choices we can make to join the team

Application Deadline:
  • 11th February, 2018


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